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Promoting a Preventive Health Culture in the Latino Community

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Presenters from St. Mary's Health Clinics (SMHC) will share their successful, multi-sector, collaborative model of outreach, which provides diabetes prevention activities and education to Latino immigrants in trusted community settings. SMHC has successfully partnered with faith organizations and the Consulates of Mexico and Ecuador, to promote a preventive health culture that strengthens the Latino community's overall health by tailoring health outreach activities to be more culturally appropriate and accessible. SMHC is based in the Twin Cities Metro Area, but also travels to Greater Minnesota.


Cristina Flood Urdangarin, St. Mary's Health Clinics
Pilar de la Parra, St. Mary's Health Clinics
Ioulia Trouskova, St. Mary's Health Clinics

In This Theme: Strategies to Improve Outcomes for Diverse Communities

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