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Hot-Button Issues in Public Health Emergency Preparedness

This fast-paced "Ignite model" session is designed to educate elected officials on hot button issues in public health emergency preparedness in a short amount of time with an exciting format to encourage questions and discussion. Topics may include emerging threats such as Ebola, MERS-CoV and H7N9; impact of climate change on the health of Minnesotans; ready access to preparedness and response mobile apps and e-learning tools; and benefits of the health coalition model in building community partnerships.


Aaron DeVries, Minnesota Dept. of Health
Barbara Lundgren, Minnesota Dept. of Health
Judy Marchetti, Minnesota Dept. of Health
Deb Radi, Minnesota Dept. of Health

In This Theme: Protecting Minnesotans

A6   Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear: Infectious Diseases on the Horizon, and the Public Health Response
B6   Vectorborne Disease in Minnesota: New Arrivals and Old Favorites
C6   Hot-Button Issues in Public Health Emergency Preparedness