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Health in All Policies for Elected Officials

Moving to a new approach to advance health equity requires thinking more broadly and working across sectors to develop healthy public policy. Health in All Policies is a cross-sector approach that integrates health considerations into policymaking at all levels. Policymakers can examine housing, transportation, and education policies, among others, and target resources to where efforts will have the greatest effect on those with the greatest need. This can result in improved health for all, not just those experiencing the greatest inequity. The presenters will discuss how to create health in communities by using a Health in All Policies approach when making policy and resource decisions.

Presenters: Jeanne Ayers, Melanie Peterson-Hickey, Minnesota Dept. of Health

In This Theme: Creating Change

A7   Using Data to Advance Health Equity
B7   Look What's On the Horizon: It's the Horizon Local Health Department!
C7   Health in All Policies for Elected Officials