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The Community Transformation Grant in Northern Minnesota

The Affordable Care Act's Prevention and Public Fund provided crucial community health resources to greater northern Minnesota to address chronic disease prevention and build off of the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) community-based infrastructure. The Community Transformation Grant focused on the area of the state with the greatest rural health inequities and need for resources to address community health.

Two Community Transformation Grant grantees will share their success stories, lessons learned and promising practices to improving community health that can be expanded across the State and in various communities.


Jason Bergstrand, PartnerSHIP4Health  
Annie Harala, Healthy Northland  
Martha Roberts, Minnesota Dept. of Health    

In This Theme: Scanning the Public Health Horizon

D1   The Community Transformation Grant in Northern Minnesota
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D4   The Effects of Trauma on Minnesota Youth: Health Indicators Data
D5   Integrating Sexual Violence Prevention into Existing Services
D6   The Rice County Mental Health Collective: A Public Health Model for Mental Health Promotion
D7   Tools and Tensions: Navigating the Tricky Terrain of Advancing Health Equity