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The Effects of Trauma on Minnesota Youth: Health Indicators Data

Students in mainstream public schools, alternative learning centers, and juvenile correctional facilities participate in the Minnesota Student Survey. Every three years, youth are asked about their experiences on myriad topics such as school connectedness, family dynamics, diet and exercise, violence, alcohol and drug use, and sexual activity. The 2013 survey included an expanded set of questions about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Presenters will use a Health in All Policies and health equity lens to describe what the data tell us about trauma's impact on the health of youth, especially those from specific populations or educational settings, such as juvenile correctional facilities. Participants will discuss how this data can be used to inform policy and practice, to improve health outcomes.

Presenters: Danette Buskovick, Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety; Pete Rode, Minnesota Dept. of Health

In This Theme: Scanning the Public Health Horizon

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