Local Public Health Assessment and Planning

Checklists: Strategic Plans, CHIPs, QI Plans

The review checklists for the CHIP, Strategic Plan and Quality Improvement Plan are based on the PHAB standards and other state and national resources (see Plan Checklist References, below). MDH recommends that, whether or not a CHB is actively considering accreditation, they consult the PHAB standards as a point of reference as they engage in the assessment and planning process. The standards serve as a guide for demonstrating accountability to stakeholders, improving the quality of work, enhancing credibility and increasing staff morale. Fulfilling the MDH assessment and planning requirements, however, is not a guarantee of meeting the PHAB standards for the purposes of accreditation.


Img   Strategic Plan
Img   Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
Img   Quality Improvement (QI) Plan

Checklist References

The checklists for the CHIP, Strategic Plan, and QI Plan are based primarily on the PHAB standards, as well as NACCHO guidance and MDH local assessment and planning guidance. The tables below link each of the review characteristics to the appropriate PHAB, NACCHO or MDH reference.

Img Checklist References (189KB / 3 pages)