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Deliverable: Due March 2015Review Checklist

Img CHIP Review Checklist (23KB)


  • Dated within past five years
  • Includes full name of CHB or LHD on cover
  • Describes jurisdiction for which the plan is created
  • Describes health inequities in the jurisdiction for which the plan is created
  • Names (e.g. MAPP ) and/or describes process used to complete planning
  • Lists community stakeholders who participated in planning process
  • Documents that CHA information was shared with participants
  • Lists issues and themes identified by stakeholders
  • Describes how community was engaged throughout the planning process
  • Describes the prioritization process used
  • Lists the top community health needs or priorities
  • Includes justification for why each issue is a priority
  • Includes at least one priority aimed at addressing a social determinant of health that arose based on health inequities that were identified in the jurisdiction