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Deliverable: Due March 2015Review Checklist

Img QI Plan Review Checklist (23KB)


  • Plan is dated within the past year
  • Describes the current culture of quality and/or the desired future state of quality in the organization and how this culture aligns with the organization's mission/vision
  • Notes key elements of the QI team's governance structure
  • Includes glossary of key quality terms (common vocabulary)
  • Describes employee QI training
  • Outlines how organizational QI initiatives and results will be communicated to staff
  • Describes how improvement initiatives are to be identified and/or prioritized
  • Describes goals, objectives and measures with responsible person(s)/team(s) and time-framed targets identified for the various components of the plan
  • Describes monitoring of plan: Data collection and analysis process
  • Describes monitoring of plan: How actions will be taken to make improvements based on progress reports
  • Describes monitoring of plan: How progress will be reported on the stated goals and objectives
  • Describes process to assess effectiveness of the plan