SCHSAC Resources

The resources below are intended for SCHSAC members, alternates, and interested stakeholders.

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Resources for SCHSAC Members and Alternates
  Minnesota's State-Local Public Health Partnership Img  
  SCHSAC at a Glance Img Img
  Responsibilities of Members and Alternates Img  
  Operating Procedures Img Img
  SCHSAC Reports and Work Plans Img  
  Expense Reimbursement Img  
  Tips for Workgroup Chairs Img  
  Working with your Community Health Board's Administrators and Directors Img Img
Other Helpful Resources
  These resources provide further context on the state-local public health partnership in Minnesota.
  Frequently-Used Acronyms: Coming Soon    
  Annual Community Health Conference Img  
  Community Health Services Mailbag and Calendar Img  
  Local Public Health Act (Minn. Stat. ยง 145A) Img  
  Areas of Public Health Responsibility Img  
  Contact a Local Health Department or Community Health Board Img  
  Assessment and Planning Img  
  Performance Measures and Reporting Img  
  Healthy Minnesota 2020 Statewide Health Improvement Framework Img  
  Six Functions of Public Health Governance [Attn: Non-MDH link.] Img