Completion by==> x=target; green=completion 4th qtr 2010 1st qtr 2011 2nd qtr 2011 3rd qtr 2011 4th qtr 2011 2012+
Communication Plan             x=target date
1. Select an effective name to aid in the project communications x           green=completion
2. Develop and Write a Communication Plan   x        
-Identify spokesperson to report diff. Groups (LPHA,)   x        
-Identify key points to be shared at each SCHSAC meeting   x        
-Involve stakeholders (SCHSAC, LPHA, MDH, AMC, MCH Advisory Bd, others?)   x        
-Identify and articulate concrete improvements that will result. 1) money saved 2) lives improved   x        
-Make a picture(s) of what we are doing to aid in communications (context diagrams??)     x      
3. Create "white paper" on chosen process, elements and standards that can be implemented by IT partners       x    
-Educate those not in the know current standards       x    
4. Communicate achievements and value of work   x x x x x
Work Group Education            
Business process analysis training for committee and SME's as appropriate   x        
Pilot business process model to determine appropriateness     x      
Educate self and staff on what is happening; Engage staff in training opportunities x x x x x  
Identify other similar activities across state and counties and leverage those activities   x        
Legal/Policy/Security (WG decided to postponed; see 2012 workplan)            
Create Legal/Policy/Security Technical Advisory Group (TAG)   x        
-Develop HIE agreements       x    
Develop or adopt security protocols to protect health data       x    
-Develop policies and procedures for info exchange       x    
-Legal issues of sharing data must be addressed       x    
-Research examples and legal environment for exchange of information across programs in LHDs (ID SMEs)     x      
Develop clear vision statemen,goals and strategy; getting consensus x          
-ID existing and potential resources; ??? x x x x    
Identify SMEs for TAGs   x        
Arrange for BPA process x          
Testing, testing, testing   x x x x  
Create workplan   x        
Establish an executive work team x          
Identify TAGs; x     x    
Ensure work plan includes success points; small projects   x x x x  
Connect to UP-HI/Julie Jacko x          
Readiness Assessment            
Work with LPHA to determine LPH readiness for HIE; survey through PPMRS, other x          
Services Assessment            
Collect MCH business services from MN LPH x          
Create TAG to work with LPHA Informatic's WG to update LPHA data inventory   x        
Finalize list with WG members confirming and editing as necessary   x        
Determine MCH Foundational/Core Service            
Identify foundational core service to analyze     x      
Identify MCH business processes   x x      
Identify criteria for selecting foundational MCH service   x        
Detailed BPA            
Member research own agency's MCH data collection; x          
Identify existing PH systems; create crosswalk between those systems   x        
Identify data sets that should be shared or exchanged       x    
Develop model for foundational MCH business process       x    
Conduct BPA on foundational MCH business process     x      
Define core elements of chosen MCH business process       x    
Define use cases ???     x      
Identify database connection opportunities ???     x      
Standards Development            
Research standards that may be applicable to LPH systems' standards development, such as HIPAA, ICD9, EHKMP, WIC, CTC     x      
Identify data exchange requirements ???     x      
Develop data dictionary for identified foundational service     x      
Map core elements to existing data standards; identify gaps in standards       x    
Select common data elements as core components     x