Tools, Resources, and Examples of EHR/HIE

Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Health Information Exchange Workgroup (SCHSAC)

  • Do you have planning or RFP documents related to electronic public health record systems, health information exchange, or process redesign/quality improvement you would be willing to share? If so, please contact Kathy Grantham (see above).

Public Health Informatics Institute

Icon Electronic Health Record Requirements for Public Health Agencies (PDF: 2.71MB / 75 pages) [Attn: Non-MDH site]

Common Ground Initiative

The Institute provided management and technical support to 31 grantees for the Common Ground initiative to help state and local public health agencies better respond to health threats by improving their use of information systems. The goal of Common Ground is to support collaboration among state and local public health agencies in two areas:

  • Analysis and redesign of public health business processes
  • Defining collaboratively a set of information system requirements for technology to strengthen public health agencies
Icon Taking Care of Business (PDF: 1.4MB / 84 pages)
This resource was used in training state and local health agency participants in the Common Ground analysis methodology.
Icon Collaborative Requirements Development Methodology
A nine-minute animated walkthrough of the Common Ground methodology. [Note: This mini-webinar will autoplay.]

Minnesota Department of Health

Office of Information Technology

The MDH Office of Health Information Technology has a number of pages on e-Health, EHRs, and HIE that may be of use in readiness planning for local public health agencies, including the following:

Icon A Practical Guide to Understanding HIE, Assessing your Readiness, and Selecting HIE Options in Minnesota
Icon Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Icon Electronic Health Record (EHR) Information

Office of Performance Improvement

The MDH Office of Performance Improvement has resources local public health agencies may find useful when involving quality improvement in their technology and HIE projects:

Icon Quality Improvement

Public Health Data Standards Consortium

Icon Public Health Data Standards Consortium
The Public Health Data Standards Consortium is a non-profit membership-based organization of federal, state and local health agencies; professional associations; academia; public and private sector organizations; international members; and individuals. Our goal is to empower the healthcare and public health communities with health information technology standards to improve individual and community health.
Icon Public Health in Health IT Standardization Resource Center
Access a Public Health Needs for HIT Standards online survey for gathering functional requirements for information exchange.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The mission of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is to improve the health and health care of all Americans.

Icon Search Results: Health Information Exchange
Icon Privacy and Health Information Technology
Icon Patients Ready to Share Information
Icon Patient Interest in Sharing Personal Health Record Information

National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO)

Icon ePublic Health Informatics
NACCHO has a number of initiatives aimed at helping local departments advance the use of informatics at their agency. To learn more, please visit the link above.
Icon NACCHO Toolbox
A free, online collection of local public health tools produced by members of the public health community. For interoperability resources, click the Browse by Keyword tab, then click the Health Information Exchange (HIE) link to view the toolkit resources for that topic. Click the Browse by Toolkit tab to browse all toolkits for the site.
Icon NACCHO Webinars
Archived webinars on topics such as LHDs and Electronic Health Records and What Local Health Departments Need to Know About Meaningful Use.

Local Public Health Association of Minnesota

Icon Local Public Health Departments: Data Exchange (PDF: 675KB / 2 pages)

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Icon Meaningful Use: Frequently Asked Questions
These FAQs are meant to help answer general questions pertaining to CDC’s role in Meaningful Use. Some of these FAQs answer questions about the public health objectives of Meaningful Use.
Icon Meaningful Use: State and Local Health Departments: Frequently Asked Questions
The above page answers questions on meaningful use relevant to state and local health departments.

Stratis Health
Regional Extension Assistance Center for HIT (REACH)

Icon Health Information Technology Toolkit for Home Health Agencies
A home health agency toolkit with resources that can be adapted by public health agencies. While the toolkit focuses on preparing for implementation of health information technology, some of the tools are useful in planning for health information exchange (see HIT Toolkit for Home Health: Section 3. Exchange) or for quality improvement efforts, including webinars on topics such as:
Icon Workflow and Process Redesign (WMV will Autoplay: 11.7MB / 32 minutes)
Icon Visioning and Strategic Planning (WMV will Autoplay: 12.2MB / 31 minutes)