Minnesota's Public Health Workforce

OPI serves as a focal point for issues related to public health practice, including participating in state and national discussions of performance standards, public health competencies, and the ten essential public health services. OPI not only helps improve the capacity of the existing workforce, but also attracts new talent to the field of public health.

National Public Health Performance Standards Program

Icon National Public Health Performance Standards Program (Preliminary Findings): Pilot Test of the State Assessment Tool (PDF: 35KB / 15 pages)
Icon National Public Health Performance Standards Program: Local Public Health System Performance Assessment Instrument; Version: Field Test 5b (PDF: 130KB / 79 pages)

2004 Local Public Health Surveys: Agencies, Staff

Icon 2004 Local Public Health Agency Survey: Preliminary Results
(PDF: 510KB / 24 pages)
Icon 2004 Local Public Health Staff Survey: Results
(PDF: 123KB / 12 pages)

Further Resources

Icon NACCHO: Describing the Local Public Health Workforce: Workers who Prevent, Promote, and Protect the Nation's Health (PDF: 347KB / 4 pages) [Attn: Non-MDH site]
NACCHO, May 2011
Icon Pathways to a Public Health Career
This site provides basic information about the field of public health, including information on education, job opportunities, and stories from practicing professionals.
Icon Emerging Leaders' Network (2003-2010)
This program identifies potential leaders in public health and provides them with information and experiential learning opportunities to enhance leadership skills and build confidence in leadership roles.