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Customer Focus

Having a customer focus encompasses the ways in which a public health agency or program:

  • Listens to the voice of its customers
  • Builds customer relationships
  • Determines customers' level of satisfaction
  • Uses customer information to identify and act on opportunities for improvement

While many public health agencies assess the satisfaction of their clients/customers, customer focus is not limited to customer satisfaction.

Having a customer focus can benefit a public health agency or program in many ways, including:

  • Contributing to a better understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of services
  • Enhancing the ability to understand and meet customer needs
  • Contributing to a culture of quality by fulfilling a guiding principle of quality improvement
  • Contributing to the ability to meet the Public Health Accreditation Board's Measure 9.1.4 A: "Implemented systematic process for assessing customer satisfaction with health department services" (Source: PHAB Standards & Measures, Version 1.5)

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