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Customer Focus Definitions



A customer is the direct recipient of the product or service provided. Customers can be internal or external, and individuals or entities. Examples: another governmental agency, organizations applying for grants, agencies or businesses that are regulated or monitored by the government agency, perhaps other staff within the agency itself.


Customer Focus

Customer focus addresses how an organization listens to the voice of its customers, builds customer relationships, determines their satisfaction, and uses customer information to improve and identify opportunities for innovation or improvement.


Customer Needs

Customer needs establish the relationship between you and your customer (i.e., the customer comes to you because they need __________).


Customer Requirements

Also referred to as wants, key drivers, expectations—are characteristics or factors that determine whether the customer leaves satisfied with a service or product.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction refers to how happy a customer is with a service or product; defined by the level their needs and expectations were met.


Customer Service

Customer service is defined as a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction--that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectations (Source: Turban & Efraim, 2002).


Performance Measure

Data that determines progress toward a specific program, service, product, or process target. Performance measures indicate how much, how well, and at what level products and services are provided to customers. Measures may be expressed in a number, percent, or other standard unit.



A stakeholder is a person, group or organization that has an interest or concern in the product or service provided, but does not necessarily use the product or service provided. A stakeholder can influence and/or be influenced by the product or service, and often they indirectly benefit from the product or service.


Voice of the Customer

Voice of the customer (VOC) is the term used to describe the spoken and unspoken needs and requirements of the customer.