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How to Create a Customer-Focused Culture

This section outlines the steps that help public health agencies and programs can take to create a customer-focused culture.

  1. Incorporate customer focus into your agency's vision and values.
  2. Assess and build leadership and staff knowledge in the concepts of customer focus.
  3. Identify all of your agency's internal and external customers.
    More Information: How To: Identify Customers
  4. Determine the current state of customer satisfaction in your agency. (What are the existing customer satisfaction data and data needs for all programs and services?)
  5. Prioritize which programs and services to focus on for assessment and improvement of customer satisfaction.
    More Information: How To: Prioritize Where to Focus
  6. Develop your agency's plans for using customer information.
  7. Develop customer satisfaction performance measures.
  8. Identify customer satisfaction data sources, and develop data collection methods and instruments.
    More Information:
    How To: Determine Customer Needs and Requirements

    How To: Collect and Analyze Customer Information
  9. Develop a process for monitoring and reporting customer satisfaction data.
    More Information:
    How To: Collect and Analyze Customer Information

    How To: Take Action: Use and Share Customer Information
  10. Standardize customer satisfaction throughout your agency:
    1. Standard data-collection
    2. Standard customer assessment
    3. Standard reporting
    4. Standard use of customer data
  11. Use the information from customers to improve programs and services:
    1. Empower employees to take corrective action based on customer data
    2. Use customer data in decision-making and daily operation
    3. Engage customers in decision-making and improvement processes.
      More Information:
      How To: Take Action: Use and Share Customer Information

Source: Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement (NACCHO)