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Quality Improvement Processes

QI Listservs

Icon Accreditation & Quality Improvement E-Newsletter [NACCHO]
Icon NNPHI Newsletter
Icon PHAB e-Newsletter
Icon Quality Matters [PH QIX]

Webinars & Training

Go: OPI Training and Technical Assistance

QI Organizations

Img American Society for Quality
Img CDC: Performance Improvement
Img Guide to Community Preventive Services
Img Illinois Public Health Institute
Img Institute for Healthcare Improvement: Knowledge Center
Img Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program: QI Resources
Img Minnesota Council for Quality/Performance Excellence Network
Img NACCHO: Model Practice Database
Img NACCHO: Quality Improvement
Img NNPHI: Quality Improvement
Img Public Health Foundation:
Performance Management and Quality Improvement
Img US Agency for International Development (USAID): Health Care Improvement Project
Img Washington State Dept. of Health: Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Planning


Img Developing a Health Department Quality Improvement Plan [Public Health Foundation]
Img Quality Improvement / Performance Management Toolkit [National Network of Public Health Institutes - NNPHI]
Img Quality Improvement [National Association of County and City Health Officials - NACCHO]
Img Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement [NACCHO]
Img Performance Management and Quality Improvement [CDC]
Img Webinar: Designing and Implementing a QI Plan [NNPHI]


Img Embracing Quality in Public Health: A Practitioner's Quality Improvement Guidebook [Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program]
Img Embracing Quality in Public Health: A Practitioner's Performance Management Primer [Michigan LPH Accreditation Program]
Img Guide to Communicating about Performance Improvement [NACCHO]
Img Components of a Good Quality Improvement Plan [MDH]



Img Kitsap Public Health District (83KB / 5 pages)
Img Fillmore-Houston Community Health Service (282KB / 7 pages)
Img Kandiyohi County Public Health (163KB / 6 pages)

QI Plans

Note: These examples have not been reviewed by PHAB and are not guaranteed to meet PHAB standards. Please use the PHAB requirements list and the QI Plan Outline as tools to ensure that your QI Plan meets PHAB requirements if you plan to apply for PHAB accreditation.

Washington County (MN)

Img Washington Co. Quality Improvement Plan (577KB / 16 pages)
Img QI Process Map (212KB / 1 page)
Img QI Project Proposal (291KB / 1 page)
Img QI Project Worksheet (195KB / 2 pages)
Img QI Storyboard (200KB / 1 page)
Img PIT Consultant Checklist (193KB / 1 page)

Fillmore-Houston CHB (MN)

Img Fillmore-Houston Quality Improvement Plan (311KB / 4 pages)
Img Appendix A: QI Organizational Structure (187KB / 1 page)
Img Appendix B: QI Council Charter (282KB / 7 pages)
Img Appendix C: QI Calendar (215KB / 2 pages)
Img Appendix D: QI Project Submission and Reporting Form (161KB / 2 pages)
  Appendices E and F are purposely omitted.
Img Appendix G: QI Glossary of Terms (284KB / 2 pages)

Sedgwick County (KS)

Img Sedgwick County Health Department 2011 Quality Improvement Plan (138KB / 9 pages)

Kane County (IL)

Img Kane County Health Department 2011 Quality Improvement Plan (809KB / 12 pages)

Tacoma-Pierce County (WA)

Img Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department 2010-11 Quality Improvement Plan (540KB / 23 pages)