Establishing a Strong Leadership Team

Midstate Community Health Board (Now named Horizon CHB)

Aim: To establish a strong Leadership Team of committed agency representatives and community partners from all four counties represented by Mid-State by June 30, 2009 in order to provide direction to individual county SHIP coalitions to reduce obesity and tobacco use.


Storyboard Establishing a Strong Leadership Team
(PDF: 209KB / 1 page)

Tools Used

To learn how these tools informed this organization's project, read the PDF documents below. To view the tools themselves, click on the icons at left.

Tool Fishbone Diagram: Low Numbers of Clients Receiving Home Visits (PDF: 75KB / 1 page)
Tool Fishbone Diagram: Waning Coalition Participation (PDF: 92KB / 1 page)
Tool Interrelationship Digraph: Waning Coalition Participation (PDF: 99KB / 2 pages)
Tool PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act): See storyboard, above
Tool Tree Diagram: Community Leadership Team Structure (PDF: 74KB / 1 page)