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Merging Data to Improve Immunization Rates

Minnesota Immunization Council

This multi-county project has identified the need to integrate existing data from a variety of programs to better serve internal customers, local public health agencies, and external customers, like the clients and providers. The project is evaluating an application system that integrates the data from WIC clinics (CHIPS), the state immunization registry (MIIC), and Child & Teen Checkup clinics (Catch3), by reviewing immunization and screening rates, local public health cost savings, and efficient client services.

  • Contact: Elizabeth Auch, Administrator/Sandy Macziewski, Data System Manager/Immunization Registry Coordinator for 29 counties
  • Participants: 29 counties in the Southwest/South Central/
    West Central regions


Storyboard All Together Now: Merging Data to Improve Immunization Rates (PDF: 127KB / 4 pages)

Tools Used

To learn how these tools informed this organization's project, read the PDF document above. To view the tools themselves, click on the icons at left.

Tool Fishbone Diagram: See narrative, above
Tool Flowchart: See narrative, above
Tool PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act): See narrative, above