Engaging Community Partners in a
SHIP Coalition

Wright County Public Health

It is a challenge to engage potential community partners in the creation of a coalition to focus on implementation of the statewide health improvement program (SHIP).

Aim:  Establish a working coalition of community members in Wright County, representatives from local schools, businesses and the health care setting by June 30, 2009 to implement SHIP initiatives


Storyboard Engaging Community Partners in a SHIP Coalition
(PDF: 124KB / 1 page)

Tools Used

To learn how these tools informed this organization's project, read the PDF documents below. To view the tools themselves, click on the icons at left.

Tool Flowchart: Develop a Coalition Focused on Reduction of Obesity and Tobacco Use (PDF: 111KB / 1 page)
Tool Interrelationship Digraph: Engaging Potential Community Partners (PDF: 26KB / 1 page)
Tool PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act): See storyboard, above
Tool Radar Chart: Member Importance, Community Importance, Community Leadership Team (PDF: 100KB / 3 pages)
Tool Tree Diagram: Acquiring Representation (PDF: 61KB / 1 page)