Aim Statement

An aim statement is an explicit description of a team's desired outcomes, which are expressed in a measurable and time-specific way. It answers the question: What are we trying to accomplish?

How to Draft an Aim Statement

An aim statement should take into account the following concerns:

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • Why is it important?
  • Who is the specific target population?
  • When will this be completed?
  • How will this be carried out?
  • What is our measurable goal(s)?

When writing goals, you might want to consider how meaningful and SMART objectives can impact your aim statement.

Example: Aim Statement

In response to the need to increase physical activity in child care settings, Blue Earth County Community Health [Attn: Non-MDH link] formulated a strategy to address existing opportunities to form and support healthful physical activity habits in young children. By emphasizing activity in child care and preschool settings and offering young children a wide variety of physical activity choices, adults can lay the foundation for health in childhood.

To this end, Blue Earth County Public Health devised this aim statement:

IconBy February 2011, 25% of licensed child care providers in Blue Earth County will be trained in the "I am Moving, I am Learning" curriculum.

This statement includes a specific target (25%) and a deadline (February 2011), making it easy to work toward and measure.

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