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What is a Flowchart?

A flowchart identifies the actual flow of events in a process, in comparison to the prescribed or ideal flow of events. A flowchart can show where complexity or redundancy occurs, allow a team to agree on process steps, and compare an actual process with the ideal process. It can show where additional data should be collected, and serve as a training aid.

How to Construct a Flowchart

  1. Clearly define the starting point—where the process begins—and the ending point
  2. Determine the steps in the process, and place them in sequence as they currently stand
  3. Walk through the flowchart with your team to theoretically test the flowchart's accuracy


  • Analyze the flow of events relative to standard practice or the ideal flow
  • Look for duplication of effort or unnecessary wait time
  • Consider the complexity of the process and how it could be simplified
  • Determine whether there is variation in how different people follow the process

Example Flowcharts

Countryside CHB: Checking Immunization Status

Flowchart Example

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