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Force Field Analysis

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What is a Force Field Analysis?

A force field analysis helps a team study a problem's positives and negatives, and how they impact resolving that problem. It can present pros and cons in an easy comparison, allowing for consensus and collective decision-making.

How to Perform a Force Field Analysis

1. Draw Field

On a large piece of paper, draw a large letter T. At the top of the T, write the key issue or problem your team will analyze. To the right of the top of the T, describe the ideal situation you would like to achieve.

Force Field

2. Fill Chart

Brainstorm together the factors that can positively push you toward your ideal situation (driving forces), and the factors that impede you from reaching your ideal situation (restraining forces). These can be either internal or external factors.

3. Prioritize

Prioritize the driving forces that can be strengthened, and identify the restraints that would allow for the most progress toward the ideal state if they were eliminated.

Examples of Force Fields

Force Field

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