Lean is a customer focused process improvement methodology used to identify and eliminate waste and to standardize work processes. Process improvement occurs through the reduction or elimination of the following wastes: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, overprocessing and defects.


Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement

The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement [Attn: Non-MDH link] is Minnesota's coordinated state government initiative which works to improve the organizational performance and results in Minnesota's state government agencies. The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement offers an introductory-level Lean course, as well as Lean facilitator training. A comprehensive set of resources are available on this website to facilitate Kaizen and 5S events.

Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC)

AMC-Lean [Attn: Non-MDH link]. The Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) offers several Lean training programs for Minnesota county officials and staff. AMC-Lean also hosts LEAN Exchange, a forum to share Lean work and to learn from others who have used Lean.