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Lean is a customer focused process improvement methodology used to identify and eliminate waste and to standardize work processes. Process improvement occurs through the reduction or elimination of the following wastes: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, overprocessing and defects.


Lean Essentials (PDF)
A one-page summary of Lean concepts and tools

Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement

The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement is Minnesota's coordinated state government initiative which works to improve the organizational performance and results in Minnesota's state government agencies. The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement offers an introductory-level Lean course, as well as Lean facilitator training. A comprehensive set of resources are available on this website to facilitate Kaizen and 5S events.

Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC)

The Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) offers several Lean training programs for Minnesota county officials and staff. AMC-Lean also hosts LEAN Exchange, a forum to share Lean work and to learn from others who have used Lean.