Public Health Nursing Newsletter

Office of Performance Improvement

The Public Health Nursing Newsletter (PHN News) is on hiatus for 2013.

The PHN News highlights trends and issues related to the practice of public health nursing in Minnesota, to support the work of staff public health nurses. Newsletter features include practice tips and pertinent research findings, and a section called, "Getting Behind the Wheel," a case study with questions for public health nurses incorporating the "Intervention Wheel" into their practice. The newsletter also includes information on upcoming workshops and other resources.

Past Issues of the Public Health Nursing Newsletter

Image Fall 2012: Strategic Planning (PDF: 507KB / 4 pages)
Image Spring 2012: Community Health Assessments (PDF: 879KB/5 pages)
Image Fall 2011: The Omaha System (PDF: 698KB / 5 pages)
Image Spring 2011: Transition and Change (PDF: 725 KB / 5 pages)
Image Winter 2011: PHN Practice Council (PDF: 610KB / 5 pages)
Image Fall 2010: Cultural Competency (PDF: 244KB / 6 pages)
Image Summer 2010: Accreditation (PDF: 217KB / 7 pages)
Image Spring 2010: Disease Reporting (PDF: 2.8MB / 6 pages)
Image Fall 2009: Self-Care (PDF: 160KB / 6 pages)
Image Spring 2009: Diverse Practice Environments (PDF: 284KB/10 pages)
Image Winter 2008: Correctional Health Services (PDF: 254KB / 16 pages)
Image Summer 2007: Diversity in Minnesota (PDF: 468KB / 17 pages)