Contact the Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Contact the Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Main phone number 651-201-3838
Toll Free (in-state only) 800-366-5424
Fax 651-201-3830


Mailing Address
Minnesota Department of Health
P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882


Courier Address
Golden Rule Building
85 E. Seventh Place, Suite 220
St. Paul, MN 55101


Name and email Program Area Phone
Yende Anderson
Coordinator, IMG Assistance Program 651-201-5988
Craig Baarson
Financial and Practice Management Technical Assistance, Rural Health Works 651-201-3840
Chris Ballard
Trauma System Coordinator 651-201-3841
Judy Bergh
Minnesota Rural Hospital Flexibility and Critical Access Hospital 651-201-3843
Cirrie Byrnes
Administrative Support 651-201-3844
Darcy Dungan-Seaver
Rural Health Advisory Committee and Planning 651-201-3855
Brenda Flattum
Loan Forgiveness Administrator 651-201-3870
Darwin Flores Trujillo
Workforce Grants Administrator, J-1 Visa Program 651-201-3850
Teri Fritsma
Senior Research Analyst 651-201-4004
Deb Hagel
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3857
Tim Held
Deputy Director 651-201-3868
Kay Herzfeld
Emerging Professions Coordinator 651-201-3846
Debra Jahnke
Community Clinics Grant, Migrant Health Grant, Indian Health Grant, Minnesota State Loan Repayment Program 651-201-3845
Lina Jau
Grants Manager 651-201-3809
Cindy LaMere
Administrative Support 651-201-3852
Laura McLain
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3886
Jodi Millner

LUCAS Grant Coordinator

Nitika Moibi
Workforce Planning and Analysis Supervisor 651-201-3853
Gabrielle Morgenstern
Student Worker, Workforce Taskforce 651-201-5499
Tammy Peterson
Trauma System Designation Coordinator 651-201-5981
Maria Rogness
Communications Coordinator 651-201-3863
Diane Reger
Medical Education and Research Costs Program 651-201-3566
Mark Schoenbaum
Director 651-201-3859
Lee Schutz
Shortage Area Designations 651-201-3860
Angela Sechler
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3862
Will Wilson
Primary Care Financial & Technical Assistance Programs Supervisor 651-201-3842
Paia Vang
Loan Forgiveness Administrator 651-201-3895


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