Contact the Office of Rural Health and Primary Care

Main phone number 651-201-3838
Toll Free (in-state only) 800-366-5424
Fax 651-201-3830


Mailing Address
Minnesota Department of Health
P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882


Courier Address
Golden Rule Building
85 E. Seventh Place, Suite 220
St. Paul, MN 55101


Name and email Program Area Phone
Craig Baarson
Financial and Practice Management Technical Assistance, Rural Health Works 651-201-3840
Chris Ballard
Trauma System Coordinator 651-201-3841
Judy Bergh
Minnesota Rural Hospital Flexibility and Critical Access Hospital 651-201-3843
Cirrie Byrnes
Administrative Support 651-201-3844
Darcy Dungan-Seaver
Rural Health Advisory Committee and Planning 651-201-3855
Brenda Flattum
Loan Forgiveness Administrator 651-201-3870
Darwin Flores Trujillo
Workforce Grants Administrator, J-1 Visa Program 651-201-3850
Teri Fritsma
Senior Research Analyst 651-201-4004
Deb Hagel
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3857
Tim Held
Deputy Director 651-201-3868
Kay Herzfeld
Emerging Professions Coordinator 651-201-3846
Debra Jahnke
Community Clinics Grant, Migrant Health Grant, Indian Health Grant, Minnesota State Loan Repayment Program 651-201-3845
Cindy LaMere
Administrative Support 651-201-3852
Laura McLain
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3886
Jodi Millner

LUCAS Grant Coordinator

Nitika Moibi
Workforce Planning and Analysis Supervisor 651-201-3853
Gabrielle Morgenstern
Student Worker, Workforce Taskforce 651-201-5499
Tammy Peterson
Trauma System Designation Coordinator 651-201-5981
Maria Rogness
Communications Coordinator 651-201-3863
Diane Reger
Medical Education and Research Costs Program 651-201-3566
Mark Schoenbaum
Director 651-201-3859
Lee Schutz
Shortage Area Designations 651-201-3860
Angela Sechler
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3862
Ed VanCleave
Workforce Planning and Analysis 651-201-3826
Will Wilson
Rural Hospital Capital Improvement Grant, Rural Hospital Planning and Transition Grant 651-201-3842
Paia Vang
Loan Forgiveness Administrator 651-201-3895


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