Loan Forgiveness Programs

Designated Rural Areas for Loan Forgiveness Programs in Minnesota

According to Minnesota Statute 144.1501, the term “Designated Rural Area” for the Loan Forgiveness Programs refers to “an area designated as small rural area or isolated rural area according to the four category classifications of the Rural Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) system developed for the United States Health Resources and Services Administration.”  

To determine if a site or facility meets the definition of “Designated Rural Area” for the Minnesota Loan Forgiveness Programs:

  • Go to the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) Geocoding System website
  • Using 2014 data, type in the complete address of your work site or facility and click “Search.”
  • Combine the “State Code,” “County Code,” and “Tract Code” -- in order -- into one 11-digit number, without punctuation.
    1. For example, our office address is 85 East 7th Place, St Paul MN 55101.  Here are the following codes for our office:
        • State Code          27
        • County Code      123
        • Tract Code          0342.02
        • Therefore, for this address the 11-digit code would be 27123034202.
  • Open the Loan Forgiveness "Designated Rural Area" list (PDF: 379KB/32 pages).
  • In third column of the list, titled “State-County-Tract Code,” locate the correct eleven-digit number.
  • Looking to the right, if the corresponding RUCA code is a 7 or higher, the site meets the definition of a Designated Rural Area.  If the RUCA code is 6 or lower, the site does not. 

More information on Rural Urban Community Area (RUCAs) is on the ORHPC Workforce site.RUCA loan forgiveness area

Printable copy of designated rural areas for Minnesota Rural Loan Forgiveness Programs (PDF: 1 MB/1pg)


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