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North Central EMS Cooperative

Geographic Area: Over 3,250 members in 49 states plus the Bahamas, Canada, Trinidad and United Arab Emirates. Members include ambulance services, fire departments, first responders, police/sheriff departments, industry, clinics, hospitals and other related agencies.

Description: Cost reduction for members on quality supplies and equipment through group purchasing.

Background: The North Central EMS Cooperative (NCEMSC) is a nonprofit corporation. NCEMSC invests in the industry. NCEMSC’s excess revenues are returned to the regional, state and national EMS associations. Excess revenues are also donated to the North Central EMS Institute so that it can complete its mission of leading industry efforts in such areas as safety, efficient operations, education, research and national consensus building.

Efforts are focused on developing standards and conducting public bids to establish contracts members can access for the industry’s best pricing. NCEMSC has over 20 different vendors offering special member pricing on a variety of EMS products and services.

A volunteer board of directors, with members from Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota and Texas govern NCEMSC.

NCEMSC has enjoyed significant growth the last few years by developing partnerships (including revenue sharing relationships) with regional, state and national EMS associations. NCEMSC has 18 group affiliates that include NCEMSC membership as part of their group dues structure.

Membership is $75 per calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31). Organizations that are part of an association that NCEMSC is affiliated with are already an NCEMSC member.

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