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Migrant Health Services $10 Self-Pay Drug Plan

Target Population: Migrant and seasonal farm workers

Geographic: Migrant Health Service, Inc. (MHSI) developed a $10 Self-Pay Drug Plan by brokering agreements with more than 50 pharmacies in rural Minnesota and North Dakota. These rural areas often do not have access to the $4 drug plans offered by some retail pharmacies.

MHSI patients taking any of the more than 50 generic medications on the $10 Self-Pay Drug Plan receive a program card at one of the nine MHSI health centers in Minnesota and North Dakota. With this card, patients pay $10 to receive their medication at a participating pharmacy. A fax form is also available to administer the plan.

More than 500 patients have used it since the program began in 2006. Both MHSI and participating pharmacies benefit from the reduction in time, money and paperwork required to process prescriptions through the previous system. But most important, with the use of generics, patients are more likely to be able to afford their medications and adhere to their prescribed regimen when they move outside of MHSI’s service area. When they leave the Minnesota/North Dakota area, most patients return to Texas. MHSI has made a concerted effort to educate patients about the retail plans available in Texas. Patient education is taking hold with MHSI receiving calls from Texas stores asking that prescriptions be transferred.

Farmworker Health Service, Inc. (FHSI) recognized the $10 Self-Pay Drug Plan with the 2007 Sister Cecilia B. Abhold Award and MHSI also will be featured in the 2008 Innovative Outreach Practices Report for its efforts. The Sister Cecilia B. Abhold Award for Innovation in Health Outreach Services to Migrant and Seasonal Farm workers honors the founder of FHSI and showcases programs that are dedicated to improve the lives of our nation’s farm workers.

Plans for the Future include continuing to expand the program by adding pharmacy providers and new medications along with exploring the possibility of offering three-month supplies at a reduced rate.

Contact : Kristi Jacobson Chronic Disease Coordinator
Migrant Health Service, Inc.
810 4th Ave S, Suite 101
Moorhead, MN 56560
(218) 236-6502


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