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Successful Model for Rural and Underserved Communities

North Region Health Alliance

Target Population: 21 health care facilities

Geographic Area: 20,000 square miles in northwest Minnesota and northeast North Dakota

Description: North Region Health Alliance improved connectivity among 21 health care providers by implementing a telecommunication infrastructure. North Region Health Alliance is continuing to expand their infrastructure to serve not only its members but other facilities looking for similar economies and efficiencies of scale via technology. This infrastructure will be the pipeline for many interesting applications including the potential for not only patient record sharing, data center applications and a collaborative call manager system.

A data center at the North Region Health Alliance office offers the membership, and other similar facilities, the ability to share in a centralized server for the Dairyland Software product and also a centralized picture archiving and communication system (PACs) and call center collaboration.

Plans for the Future: Five more facilities are expected to join the data center before the end of 2008. North Region Health Alliance also expects to/or has already connected into other services such as the Minnesota Hospital Association, Minnesota Mental Health, transcriptions services, telepharmacy and telemedicine.

Contact: Jon Linnell, executive director, North Region Health Alliance, at A printable version of this model (PDF: 20KB/1pg)

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