EMS leadership resources

Leadership and Management Resources

Managing a service comprised of volunteer recruits can be challenging. Clear and capable leaders who maintain high professional standards can create recruitment and retention-friendly cultures on their squads. Setting up an accountable board to which your squad reports regularly can also keep planning on track. By making small changes, such as establishing a line of succession, your organization can continue to make a difference for your community.

North Central EMS Cooperative (NCEMSC)
Cooperative of EMS organizations that benefit from volume pricing discounts on a wide array of EMs products and services.

EMS Strategic Planning from Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services

EMS Leadership Podcast
Online podcast by and for EMS leaders and managers.

Management tools from the North Dakota Rural EMS Improvement Project

The Rural Ambulance Service Leader's Survival Guide

Self-Assessment Tool for Volunteer Ambulance Service Sustainability

How Good is Your Ambulance Service? Ways to Measure Performance for Rural Ambulance Services

Rural Ambulance Service Quality Checklist





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