Rural Health Advisory Committee Publications

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RHAC Update

Current Update, April 2013 (PDF:3 pgs/273 KB).

Personal and Population Health

Obstetric Services in Rural Minnesota, November 2013 (PDF: 2.77MB/79 pages).

Health Status of Rural Minnesotans, updated November 2011 (PDF: 2.47MB/93pgs).

Language Access Services in Critical Access Hospitals for Patients with Limited English Proficiency in Rural Minnesota, March 2008:

Aging Issues
Creating Healthy Communities for an Aging Population, May 2006:

Healthy Aging Fact Sheets, Fall 2005

Health and Well-being of Rural Minnesotans: A Minnesota Rural Health Status Report, June 2005 (PDF: 44 pgs/3 MB)

Rural Health Care Delivery

2013 Update Brief on the EMSRB 2007 Behavioral Health Report: Improving Response to Mental and Behavioral Health Emergencies (PDF: 323 KB/14 pages)

Issue Brief: Rural Hospital System Growth and Consolidation, January 2013 (PDF: 282KB/12 pages)

General Surgery in Rural Minnesota, March 2011 (PDF: 670KB/48 pages)

Telemental Health in Rural Minnesota, July 2010, with Table A (Scope of Practice) updated October 2013 (PDF: 1.15MB/61pgs)

Rural Health Care: New Delivery Model Recommendations, January 2009 (PDF: 42 pgs/247 KB)

Health Care Reform: Addressing the Needs of Rural Minnesotans, October 2007 (PDF: 28 pgs/406 KB)

Mental Health and Primary Care in Rural Minnesota, January 2005 (PDF: 114 pgs/877 KB)

A Quiet Crisis: Minnesota's Rural Ambulance Services at Risk, December 2002


Retaining Rural Nurses: Midwestern Summit on Retaining and Making Best use of the Older More Experienced Rural Registered Nurse, August 2007 (PDF: 28 pgs / 103 KB)

Minnesota Rural Health Profiles:


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