What is the Rural Health Advisory Committee?

What is the Rural Health Advisory Committee?

The Rural Health Advisory Committee (PDF: 56 KB/1 page), created during the 1992 Legislative session, serves as a statewide forum for rural health concerns and features a diverse membership to:

  • Advise the commissioner of health and other state agencies on rural health issues
  • Provide a systematic and cohesive approach toward rural health issues and planning
  • Encourage cooperation among rural communities and among providers.

The governor appoints the 15-member committee to serve four-year terms, and includes the following rural representation:

  • Consumers (3)
  • Health care professional (1)
  • Higher education (1)
  • Hospital (1)
  • Legislators (4)
  • Midlevel practitioner (1)
  • Nursing home (1)
  • Physician (1)
  • Registered nurse (1)
  • Volunteer ambulance service (1).

RHAC Fact Sheet (PDF: 56KB/1 page).

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