LPN demographics 2005

Minnesota Health Workforce Demographics


  • The median age of active Minnesota licensed practical nurses (LPN) increased from 41 in 1994 to 46 in 2005.
  • Thirty-eight percent were 50 years or older in 2005, compared to only 22 percent in 1993.

The peak numbers of LPNs were between about 46 and 52 in 2005. There were 75 percent as many LPNs aged 35-44 as aged 45-54. There appears to be a leveling off of LPN numbers in the age group that was in their 30s in 2005. There are fewer LPNS under age 30.

graph of active MN LPNs by age

graph of median age of MN LPNs

graph: percent of MN LPNs 50+

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