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Emerging Health Professions

The Minnesota Department of Health is supporting the integration of emerging professions into the health workforce. This webpage will provide information and resources on emerging professions including information about their education and training, scope of practice, licensing and certification, supervision, payment and reimbursement, data, and other information specific to the profession that may assist employers who are interested in hiring an emerging professions practitioner and integrating them into the workforce.


These emerging professions have been identified by the Minnesota Accountable Health Model to be tested for integration into the health care workforce:

  • Community Health Workers
  • Community Paramedics
  • Dental Therapists ⁄ Advanced Dental Therapists
Each emerging profession will be evaluated for how its integration into a team environment can change the team´s overall capacity and the patient´s outcomes.


  • Integration Grant Program
    The goal of the Minnesota Emerging Professions Integration Grant Program is to foster the integration of emerging professions into the workforce in roles that support the broad goals of the Minnesota Accountable Health Model related to providing coordinated care, across settings, for complex patients, populations and models of accountable care.

  • Toolkit Program
    The goal of the Emerging Professions Toolkit Program is to develop resources for integrating three emerging professions – community health worker, community paramedic and dental therapist/advanced dental therapist – into the workforce.

This work is part of the State Innovation Model (SIM) project, a joint effort between MDH and the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). For more information on the SIM grant, the Minnesota Accountable Health Model and other health reform activities visit the State Innovation Model Grant website.


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