Task Force on Immigrant IMGs (International Medical Graduates)

The Minnesota Legislature authorized the formation of a "Foreign-Trained Physician Task Force" in 2014 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 228, Article 5, Section 12. At its first meeting in July 2014, the Task Force moved to use the term "Immigrant international medical graduate (IIMG)" rather than "foreign-trained physician" to describe more precisely the population of physicians referred to in the session law.


The Task Force was charged with developing strategies to integrate refugee, aslyee and other immigrant physicians into the Minnesota health care delivery system. Specifically, it completed the following tasks as assigned by law:

  • Analyze demographic information of current medical providers compared to the population of the state.
  • Identify, to the extent possible, foreign-trained physicians living in Minnesota who are refugees or asylees and interested in meeting the requirements to enter medical practice or other health careers.
  • Identify costs and barriers associated with integrating foreign-trained physicians into the state workforce.
  • Explore alternative roles and professions for foreign trained physicians who are unable to practice as physicians in the Minnesota health care system.
  • Identify possible funding sources to integrate foreign-trained physicians into the state workforce as physicians or other health professionals.

The Task Force issued recommendations to the Commissioner of Health and the Minnesota Legislature in January 2015.


The Task Force met monthly from July to December 2014. Notes and materials are available on the Meetings page.


The Task Force roster included representatives from health care, higher education, community-based organizations, workforce development, finance and government, as well as foreign-trained physicians themselves. Public agencies including MDH, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, and the Council on Black Minnesotans also participated, either as representatives on the Task Force or as staff support.


As input to the Task Force, MDH conducted a survey of refugee, aslyee and other immigrant International Medical Graduates (IIMGs) living in Minnesota. The survey asks about training, professional experience and demographic background, and also offers the opportunity to provide input to the Task Force on challenges faced and suggestions for strategies Minnesota could pursue.

If you are an refugee, aslyee or other immigrant physician in Minnesota interested in participating in the survey, please contact Darcy Dungan-Seaver at 651-201-3855 or darcy.dungan-seaver@state.mn.us to receive a link to the survey (if you have not already received one).

If you know such a physician who might be interested in participating, please have them contact Darcy to receive their own link. Note: Survey links may not be used by more than one person; sharing a link will overwrite the original response.

Thank you!

Contact for more information:
Darcy Dungan-Seaver


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