J1 Visa Waiver in Minnesota


What are the basics?

    • Site is in a shortage area
    • Physician is in residency/fellowship on a J-1 Visa
    • Physician will serve at least three years/40 hours week

What are the advantages?

    • High quality doctors and practices are available
    • Physicians will stay when it is a good fit
    • The process is quite manageable for everyone

Does the Minnesota Department of Health help?

Yes! The Minnesota Department of Health:

    • Offers technical support to facilities, physicians and attorneys
    • Maintains an up-to-date candidate file
    • Provides a detailed review of all required documentation in waiver applications
    • Submits applications to U.S. Department of State with Minnesota’s “public interest” determination and recommendation.

Where do I find candidates/jobs?

For more information, contact:
Lorry Colaizy

What do I do now?

First: Email Lorry Colaizy or call him at (651) 201-3851 to determine if the facility and the physician meet the requirements. While meeting the minimum requirements to qualify for a waiver does not guarantee that the full application will be approved, it is a first step.

Second: Complete the U.S. Department of State Data Sheet before applying for a J-1 visa waiver. The State Department will send applicants a case number. The case number must appear on all future documents filed with the application.

Third: Begin the Waiver Package Checklist.

Where do I find more information?

Full guidelines are online.

Health care facilities, not physicians or their representatives, should send waiver requests to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). MDH maintains a database of available physicians and provides that information to health care facilities on request.

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