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Breastfeeding Friendly Tool Kit
for Public Health

Breastfeeding Friendly Tool kit coverBreastfeeding friendly tool kit for public health
This toolkit from Dakota County Public Health serves as a resource to help local public health departments develop the capacity to promote breastfeeding in communities.

This toolkit outlines the ten step process to be recognized as breastfeeding friendly and contains materials such as a work plan, resources, templates, model policies and communication materials that support each step. A checklist is included to help explore, understand and take action to complete each step. This toolkit has been designed for local public health departments, but can be a useful resource for anyone, especially others in healthcare and community settings who are working to promote and support breastfeeding.

This tool kit was developed by Bonnie Brueshoff, Director of Public Health in Dakota County, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for her Doctor of Nursing Practice and were created in partnership with ten pilot sites in rural, suburban and urban Minnesota.


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