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Making it Better Conference2011 Making it Better Conference:
Creating a Healthier Community Together

The 2011 Making it Better conference brought together stakeholders from throughout the country to increase knowledge of best practices; build skills in policy, systems, and environmental change efforts; and facilitate learning from each other in an effort to address the epidemic of obesity and commercial tobacco use and exposure.

See below for archived presentations.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing
Using the Power of Story to Influence Change
Building Effective Policy Campaigns through the Policy Adoption Model presentation 1(pdf 4.3mb, 54 pages), presentation 2 (pdf 4.37mb, 36 pages)

Promoting Equity in Health and Safety: Frameworks and Resources to Create Common Ground (pdf 3.46mb, 38 pages)
Marilyn Metzler, Senior Analyst, Social Determinants of Health Equity Division of Violence Prevention National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Breakout Sessions
1. If You Can’t Stand the Heat: Developing Positive, Sustainable Relationships Between Public Health and School Foodservice (pdf 6.89mb, 72 pages)
2. Effective Strategies to Promote Nutrition/Physical Activity Best Practices in Licensed Child Care/Preschool Settings (pdf 2.36mb, 41 pages) [Handouts: I Am Moving I Am Learning Resources (docx 16kb, 1 page), Sample Best Practice Nutrition Policy For Family Child Care Providers1 (docx 15kb, 1 page), Sample of a Best Practice Nutrition Policy For Family Child Care Providers2 (docx 15kb, 1 page)]
3. How to Create Lasting Policy Change: Synergies Between Science, Legal Analysis and Policy Change (pdf 2.79mb, 30 pages)
4. Engaging Target Populations to Make Effective, Sustainable Policy, Systems and Environmental Change (pdf 1.88mb, 50 pages)
5. Creating Healthier Communities: Evaluating Park Environments for Physical Activity (CANCELLED) (pdf 4.56mb, 73 pages)
6. Selling Tobacco Industry Loyalty with Sponsorships and Donations: Protecting Your Organization’s Image and the People You Serve from Being Used as Tobacco Advertisement (pdf 1.96mb, 39 pages) Selling Tobacco Industry presentation 2 (pdf 1.38mb, 13 pages) Selling Tobacco Industry presentation 3 (pdf 61.53mb, 95 pages)
7. Emerging Opportunities to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living in Tribal Communities (pdf 11.76mb, 37 pages)
8. Safe Routes to School: Policies that Work (pdf 13.9mb, 114 pages)
9. Creating and Maintaining Community Leadership to Sustain Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes (pdf 789kb, 18 pages)
10. Addressing Health Equity Using Place-Based Strategies for Obesity and Tobacco Use Prevention (pdf 2.45mb, 31 pages)
11. Using Stories and Maps for Change: The MOVE Project

Lunch/Plenary Session
Thomas Sorel, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Transportation (pdf 393kb, 13 pages)
Keynote Luncheon Address – Congressman Jim Oberstar

Breakout Sessions
1. The Golden Hill Learning Center Garden Experience presentation 1 (pdf 3.63mb, 19 pages); presentation 2 (pdf 2.93mb, 23 pages)
2. Assessing and Addressing the Food System in an Urban City and County by a Food Policy Council (pdf 4.15mb, 21pages)
3. Integrating Bicycle Education Curriculum into Active Living Policy, Systems and Environmental Change Initiatives (pdf 3.55mb, 29 pages)
4. Vignettes of Policy, Systems and Environmental Change from Three Minnesota Communities (pdf 1.02mb, 22 pages)
5. Condominiums and Secondhand Smoke: Policy Approaches (pdf 2.44mb, 70 pages)
6. Sustainable Approaches to Health Systems Change in Minnesota ClearWay Presentation (pdf 82kb, 4 pages)CentraCare Clinic Presentation (pdf 654kb, 14 pages)University of Wisconsin Presentation (pdf 273kb, 8 pages)
7. Cessation: Working Together to Impact Policy, Systems and Environmental Change
8. Making a Difference in School Settings: Top Ten Best Practices (pdf 1.11mb, 32 pages)
9. An Ounce of Prevention: Practical Approaches to Evaluating Community Health Initiatives (pdf 2.18mb, 45 pages)
10. City Level Community Engagement: An Equitable Approach to Sustainability (pdf 1.99mb, 36 pages)

Training Sessions
1. School-Public Health Partnerships Enhance the School Food Environment (pdf 4.48mb, 86 pages) Handouts: Parent Flyer (pdf 463kb, 1 page), MCW draftpolicy revision (docx 29kb, 12 pages), BEA Policy revised (29kb, 9 pages)
2. Uncovering the Secrets of Effective Collaboration (pdf 9.61mb, 42 pages)
3. Changing Corners: What it Takes to Incorporate Healthy Foods in Your Neighborhood Convenience Store
4. Using Complete Streets to Support Active Transportation presentation1 (pdf 5.65mb, 17 pages) presentation2 (pdf 2.73mb, 33 pages)
5. The Tobacco Industry Spends $29 Million Dollars a Day on Advertising; How to Win on a Whole Lot Less (pdf 5.6mb, 56 pages)
6. Tobacco-free Campus Policies: The Basics (pdf 2.02mb, 57 pages)
7. Options to Regulate Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products
8. Introduction to Media Advocacy: Creating News that Reaches Decision Makers
9. Emerging Liability Issues in Active Living and Nutrition School Policy Efforts
10. Bridging the Divide: How Minnesota’s Statewide Health Improvement Program is linking Public Health, Clinics and the Community (pdf 2.07mb, 53 pages)
11. Eight Steps to Crafting a Strong Obesity Prevention Policy

Breakout Sessions

1. Growing Community Access to Healthy Foods Through Farmers Markets and EBT/WIC (pdf 4.72mb, 44 pages)
2. Building Coalitions and Partnerships: A Pathway to Food Systems Change(pdf 312kb, 11 pages)
3. A Coalition Approach to Improving Nutrition in Shelters and Free Meal Programs in Ramsey County, MN(pdf 669kb, 34 pages)
4. The Power of Recess (pdf 3.17mb, 24 pages)
5. Starting From Zero: A Rural Perspective on Making Effective, Sustainable Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes in Rural Communities(pdf 2.87mb, 42 pages)
6. Pedaling the Health Benefits of Transportation to Regional Partners(pdf 5.27mb, 35 pages)
7. Sustaining a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy: Now That You Have a Policy Make Sure It “Sticks” (pdf 1.41mb, 39 pages)
8. Bridge to Health: Working Together to Leverage Health Data for Policy Change presentation 1 (pdf 440kb, 15 pages) presentation 2 (pdf 918kb, 20 pages)
9. Action Items Public Health Professionals Need to Know about the Business Workplace (pdf 9.61mb, 42 pages)
10. Making it Better with Safe Routes to School (pdf 749kb, 14 pages)
11. Smoke-Free Policy Successes in the White Earth Band of Ojibwe Tribal Community (pdf 2.09mb, 37 pages)


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