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Anoka County SHIP is part of the Partnership for Better Health, a community-wide initiative to create a consistent and supportive environment where health-enhancing behaviors are the norm. 

How Anoka is improving the health of their community

The Statewide Health Improvement Program covers 51 counties, four cities and one tribal government.Anoka County received a grant of $800,035 for fiscal years 2012-13.

Working with schools

  • Healthy eating in schools: Anoka SHIP works with schools to offer healthy food options for fundraising, concessions and vending machines. For example, faced with too many high sugar treats for classroom celebrations, all 24 Anoka-Hennepin elementary schools now offer a “Celebration Snack Menu.” The menu offers convenient, healthy, low-cost treats such as fruit kabobs, Birthday Bars, and Party Popcorn. This program reaches over 16,000 students.
  • More physical activity for kids: More Anoka schools now offer Safe Routes to School programs, a program making it easier for kids to walk or bike to school. For example, in 2012, seven schools in Anoka-Hennepin have worked with parents, law enforcement personnel, city engineers, community health specialists, principals and district staff to create Safe Routes to School programs for their students. In addition, SHIP works to integrate more physical activity into their students’ day through Active Classrooms programs, Active Recess programs and physical education.
  • Decreased exposure to second-hand smoke at colleges: SHIP teams up with colleges interested in a tobacco-free policy for staff and visitors on school grounds, in student housing and at school sponsored events. For example, in 2012, over 200 students from Anoka area colleges were provided with cessation materials along with tobacco and secondhand smoke education.

Healthier communities

  • More physical activity: SHIP helps create active communities by increasing opportunities for walking and bicycling.
  • Decreased exposure to second-hand smoke at home: SHIP works with apartment building owners who wish to develop smoke-free housing policies.
  • Healthy food in child care: SHIP offers training and technical assistance to child care providers to improve nutrition and teach kids about healthy eating. For example, in 2012, SHIP and Family Child Care Licensing staff trained 98 child care providers from 88 sites on the Learning about Nutrition through Activities (LANA) program. LANA introduces new fruits and vegetables to preschoolers. 
  • Active child care: SHIP encourages more physical activity in licensed child care and pre-school settings. For example, in 2012, SHIP and Anoka County Family Child Care Licensing staff provided “I am Moving, I am Learning” (IMIL) training to 118 child care providers. An additional 170 providers were trained during the first SHIP grant cycle.

Prevention in health care

  • Working with health care providers: With SHIP, more health care providers are screening and documenting Body Mass Index (BMI), tobacco use and exposure, and providing community resources to their patients to help make healthy living easier. For example, in 2012, twelve clinicians were trained in Motivational Interviewing (MI) to address BMI and tobacco use and exposure with patients.

SHIP Coordinator

Susan Johnson

Community Leadership Team

  • Jim Nye, Commissioner District 1  
  • Karen Strauman, Commissioner District 2
  • Larry Lindberg, Commissioner District 3    
  • Cheryl Matthes, Commissioner District 4
  • Jerry Nelson, Commissioner District 5
  • Cecile Neirhart, Commissioner District 6 
  • Barb Loe, Commissioner District 7    
  • Gerald Maeckelbergh, North Suburban Hospital Board
  • Jackie Cross, Anoka County Community Action Program
  • John Hanson, Medtronic Cardio Vascular             
  • Lenny Austin, Columbia Heights Police Department 
  • Craig Malm, Mercy/Unity Hospitals 
  • Peter Yelle, Spring Lake Park School District Community Ed.
  • Pat Morreim, University of Minnesota Regional Center  
  • Mary Raeker-Rebek, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
  • Joel Esmay, Mercy Hospital
  • Dan Erhart, Anoka County Board of Commissioners

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