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Status: SHIP funding restored starting in 2014

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Getting off on the right foot
Benton County SHIP is listening to the community as they start work on SHIP once again after two years. ¬†Benton for Better Health has partnered with Wilder Foundation to assess the needs of the community and break down thosebaby taking steps with help needs according to each of the strategies outlined in the SHIP grant. They have taken many different data resources and compiled them into one report. The Community leadership team played a critical role; members were presented with the report in progress, gave feedback and provided additional information to create a broader view of what’s occurring in the community. Though thorough and thoughtful planning, Benton for Better Health is ensuring that SHIP will be effective and to meet the needs of Benton County.¬†

SHIP Coordinator

Community Leadership Team

  • Alicia Bauman, Smoke Free Communities
  • Warren Peschl, Benton County Commissioner
  • Danessa Sandmann, Smoke Free Communities, CentraCare
  • Kimberly Giles, Child Care Choices
  • Dianne Davis-Kenning, University of MN Extension
  • Kathy Geislinger, BLEND, CentraCare
  • Mark Hauck, Sauk Rapids Rice School Board
  • Jodi Gertken, BLEND, CentraCare
  • Ron Miller, Foley School Board Member
  • Ruth Huntstiger, Catholic Charities Director of Senior Services
  • Al Jergenson, Ministerial Association 1st Presbyterian in Foley
  • Carole Mersinger, CROSS Center
  • Tracy Ore, SCSU/Community Gardens
  • Nicole Ruhoff, Benton County Public Health Supervisor
  • Jennifer Sheda, Second Harvest Heartland
  • Mary Simpler, Catholic Charities Health Promotions
  • Specialist
  • Kathryn Stolpman, Catholic Charities Manager, Emergency Services
  • Mary Bauer, Central MN Council on Aging

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