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Two kids in motor labMotor Lab fuels activity at Adrian Elementary

Adrian Elementary students, grades K-5, are benefiting from increased physical activity in a program that encourages the principle, “movement anchors learning.”

Working in cooperation with the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) for Cottonwood, Jackson, and Nobles counties, the Adrian Wellness Committee moved forward on plans to purchase high quality equipment to enhance their existing "Motor Lab." The Motor Lab is a room dedicated to engaging children in movement activities. “This equipment helps them with coordination, using up some of their excess energy, improving hand- eye movements, large and fine motor skills, and being able to do a variety of activities. The response has been very positive by both teachers and students,” states school nurse and wellness committee coordinator Melanie Wagner.

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Cottonwood County

  • Shannon LaCanne, Windom Area Hospital
  • Robin Weis, Senior Linkage
  • Kevin Stevens, Cottonwood County Commissioner
  • Sarah Anderson, Lutheran Social Services Senior Dining
  • Jacqueline Zevenbergen, Parks & Trails Coordinator
Jackson County
  • Bonnie Traetow, Family Services Network
  • Tracy Mitchell, Jackson County Central Schools
  • Drew Hage, South West Regional Development Corporation
  • Rose Schultz, Jackson County Commissioner
  • Jennifer Tewes, Sanford Jackson Medical Center
Nobles County
  • Marv Zylstra, Commissioner
  • Linda Lund, Integration Collaborative
  • David Benson, Community member
  • Fabio Lopez, Community Outreach Worker

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Updated Friday, January 29, 2016 at 12:22PM