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Status: SHIP funding restored starting in 2014

SHIP Story:

Peterson Planning for Active Living
On January 8, 2014, SHIP staff presented about active living at the Peterson city council meeting. During the meeting, a citizen noted that he wants his children to be able to walk to school. The City of Peterson is working toward rebuilding County 25 to promote safe and healthy activity for all residents. The City of Peterson is working on assuring that cross walks, signage, and sidewalks are installed to make it possible for children and adults move about their town.

SHIP Coordinators

Community Leadership Team

Fillmore County
  • Brenda Pohlman, Fillmore County Public Health
  • Jennifer Wood, Kwik Trip, Dietitian on Wheels, Mayor of Peterson
  • Lantha Stevens, Fillmore County Public Health
  • Penny Solberg, Spring Valley Senior Living
  • Ronald Gregg, Fillmore County Highway Department
  • Sue Awes, Help Our Neighbors
  • Sue Kester, Chatfield Ambulance
  • Tim Samuelson, Gundersen Harmony Care Center
  • Tina Nunemacher-Tewes, Zumbro Valley Mental Health Center
  • Vera Ndumbe, Spring Valley Senior Living

Houston County

  • Mary Marchel, Houston County Public Health
  • Heather Myhre, Houston County Public Health
  • Jan Kraabel, HCPH Advisory Group
  • Jill Diana, HCPH Advisory Group
  • Doreen Auger, HCPH Advisory Group
  • Sharon Rohrer, HCPH Advisory Group
  • Jane Mrozek, HCPH Advisory Group
  • Ron Wilke, La Crescent-Hokah Schools
  • Beth Theede, La Crescent-Hokah Schools
  • Richard Bartz, Houston Public Schools
  • Mary Zaffke, Community of Spring Grove
  • Nancy Gulbranson, Spring Grove Public School
  • Scott Solberg* Spring Grove Public School
  • Rachel Udstuen, Spring Grove Public School
  • Saundra Solum, Community of Spring Grove
  • Linda Nerstad Kemp, Bluff Country Artists Gallery
  • Jennifer Solberg, Community of Spring Grove

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