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How the Leech Lake Reservation is improving the health of their community

The Statewide Health Improvement Program covers 51 counties, four cities and one tribal government. The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe received a SHIP grant of $100,368 for fiscal years 2012-13.

Working with schools

  • Healthy eating in schools: With Farm to School, SHIP connects farmers with schools to provide fresh, local foods. Efforts may include school gardens to educate children and supplement food offerings. In addition, SHIP is working with schools to offer healthy snacks and healthy food at celebrations and fundraisers. For example, in 2012, the Tribal School replaced less healthy foods in the vending machines with healthier offerings.
  • More physical activity for kids: SHIP works to integrate more physical activity into their students’ day through Active Classrooms programs, Active Recess programs and physical education. For example, in 2012, the Bug-o-nay-ge-shig School and the Tribal Department of Resource Management have established walking trails near the school for outdoor activities including snow shoeing, plant identification, and nature walks. A similar project is beginning with Cass Lake Bena Schools.

Healthier communities

  • Increased access to healthy food: SHIP works to improve access to nutritious foods by increasing availability and affordability in grocery and corner stores, concession facilities and other food vendors. For example, in 2012, the three tribal casinos have agreed to shift to healthier fare in vending and concessions. SHIP also facilitates the development of new farmers markets and promotes their use.  
  • More physical activity: Help create active communities by increasing opportunities for walking and bicycling.

Comprehensive work site wellness

  • Working with businesses: SHIP works with employers to offer healthy foods in the cafeteria and in catering, to increase opportunities for walking and biking and access to worksite recreation facilities, and to support breast feeding for working mothers. SHIP also encourages tobacco-free policies, as well as health plan coverage of, and onsite support for, tobacco cessation efforts.

SHIP Coordinator 

Millicent Simenson millicent.simenson@gmail.com

Community Leadership Team

  • Joel Bebeau, LLBO
  • Bernadette Gotchie, LLBO
  • Jackie Ward, Bug School
  • Deanna White, Bug School
  • Luann Frazer, Cass-Lake Bena School
  • Levi Brown, LLBO Dept. Resource Mgmt.
  • Janice Gale, LLBO TEP
  • Brian Voge, Cass-Lake Bena School
  • Lynnette Homer, Cass-Lake Bena School
  • Robert Jaspers, LLBO Palace Hotel Casino's
  • Esther C. Humphrey, LLBO Youth Build Program
  • Jody Devault, LLBO LLDCEP
  • Kathy Burgoon RN, LLBO Early Childhood Nutrition Program
  • John Pinkerton, Community at Large
  • Local Indian Council, LLBO RTC
  • Amy Erickson, Community at Large
  • Jodi DeVault, LLBO
  • Cindy Doke, LLBO
  • Gary Charwood Sr, LLBO Restorative Justice Program
  • Bonnie Bruce, Community at Large
  • Roxanne Wimmer, Community at Large
  • Holly Churchill, Community at Large
  • Darla Lenz, USA Department of Agriculture
  • Roberta Decker, LLBO Health Division

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