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How Olmsted County is improving the health of the community

The Statewide Health Improvement Program covers 51 counties, four cities and one tribal government. Olmsted County received a grant of $433,689 for fiscal years 2012-13.

Working with schools

  • Healthy eating in schools: With Farm to School, SHIP connects farmers with schools to provide fresh, local foods. Efforts may include school gardens to educate children and supplement food offerings. In addition, SHIP is working with schools to offer healthy snacks and healthy food at celebrations and fundraisers. For example, in 2012, healthy snack guidelines were introduced at three schools, a healthy Snack Cart started at one, four districts continue to offer produce from local providers, and school gardens and orchards served as a part of school lunches in two districts.
  • More physical activity for kids: SHIP helps schools with Safe Routes to School programs, making it easier for kids to walk or bike to school. Plus, SHIP works to integrate more physical activity into their students’ day through Active Classrooms programs, Active Recess programs and physical education. For example, in 2012, SHIP provided training for approximately 40 playground supervisors in Activate Recess, engaging kids to be active, and increase safety on the playground. In selected schools, playground improvements have been made, schedules have changed to pilot recess before lunch, running programs have begun and discussions are taking place to determine how to activate indoor recess this winter. The training attendees came from eight schools and two after- school organizations, which will in turn affect approximately 4,000 elementary-age students.
  • Decreased exposure to second-hand smoke at colleges: SHIP teams up with colleges interested in a tobacco-free policy for staff and visitors on school grounds, in student housing and at school sponsored events.

Healthier communities

  • Increased access to healthy food: Olmsted County is working to make sure fresh, healthy food is available for generations to come by working with partners in agriculture, business, and Uiniversity of Minnesota Extension as a Food Policy Council.
  • Decreased exposure to second-hand smoke at home: SHIP works with apartment building owners who wish to develop smoke-free housing policies. For example, in 2012, two apartment complexes with 14 buildings and nearly 1,500 residents went smoke free on July 1st.

SHIP Coordinator 

Kelly Corbin, Corbin.kelly@co.olmsted.mn.us

Community Leadership Team

  • Hy-Vee
  • Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department
  • Olmsted County
  • RNeighbors
  • U of MN Regional Sustainable Development Partnership
  • City of Byron
  • Mayo Clinic
  • City of Eyota
  • Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Rochester Public Schools
  • City of Stewartville
  • Byron Schools
  • City of Rochester
  • United Way of Olmsted County
  • Alliance of Chicanos, Hispanics, and Latin Americans
  • Olmsted Medical Center

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