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Pipestone Gets Active
How can a community increase biking and walking, and along the way make their towns safer and more enjoyable?

One effective way is through a “Complete Streets” policy. That is exactly what Southwest Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is working toward, one city at a time.

“We want to provide a safe way for people to get from one end of town to the other, whether that’s by bike, on foot or even in a wheelchair,” says Jeff Moberg of SW SHIP...more Pipestone Gets Active (PDF: 201KB/1 page)

Story: Hear about how students at Russell-Tyler-Ruthton School are growing their own fresh produce:

SHIP Coordinator 

Community Leadership Team

  • Michael VanderHaar, City of Pipestone
  • Valarie Dallenbach, Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Ivonne Hart, Interpreter
  • Gustavo Estrada, Marshall Public Schools
  • Sunny Ruthchild, Sustainable Farmers Association/Producer – Merryweather Gardens
  • Paula Bloemendaal, SWHHS -CHIP
  • Anne Dybsetter, University of Minnesota Extension
  • Judy Pitzl, SWHHS – SFMUH, Worksites and Schools
  • Alicia Snyder, Statewide Health Improvement Program Field Worker - Schools
  • Rebekah Reynolds, Statewide Health Improvement Program Field Worker – Schools and Communities
  • Katie Chapman, Peer Breast Feeding Counselor
  • Michelle Malmquist, Statewide Health Improvement Program Field Worker – Health Care
  • Lindsay Ourada, SWHHS - Dietician
  • Marie Meyers, SWHHS – Health Care
  • Jessica Peterson, Southwest Minnesota State University – Student
  • Sheila Smallfield, Affiliated Community Medical Center
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