SHIP Results

The Statewide Health Improvement Program

Since it began in 2009, SHIP has created greater opportunities for better health throughout Minnesota.

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SHIP partners with schools

  • In the first four years of SHIP:
    • 221 schools have pursued “Safe Routes to School” strategies, meaning 128,000 students are more able to walk or bike to school.
    • 494 schools worked on Farm to School strategies, giving access to locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables to 272,000 students.
  • In the first three years of SHIP alone, 59 campuses became or were in the process of becoming smoke-free, helping 146,000 students.

Community strategies

  • In the first four years of SHIP:
    • 293 cities worked on active transportation strategies such as Complete Streets.
    • SHIP communities supported 94 new or existing farmers markets.
    • About 600 childcare sites pursued strategies for healthier eating, benefiting up to 12,000 children.
    • 1,100 child care sites increased physical activity for over 25,000 children.
    • In just the past two years, 276 buildings and almost 7,000 apartments became smoke-free, with up to 16,000 more people no longer exposed to secondhand smoke at home.

Working with employers

  • In the first four years of SHIP, 958 worksites have engaged in the worksite wellness strategy, with the potential to engage over 158,000 employees in more physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco cessation.

Partnering with healthcare providers

  • In 2012-13, eight SHIP grantees worked with 61 clinics serving over 200,000 patients.
  • In 2010-11, 60 clinics worked on patient assessment and referral and 73 clinics worked to increase support for breastfeeding.

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