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Improving nutrition

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Healthy eating in schools

Connecting students to food in Beltrami County (PDF)
Tim Lutz, Kelliher Public School’s Superintendent, wanted to incorporate a salad bar and garden in the school for years, but as he explains, “It was Josh, our SHIP coordinator and the SHIP grant that enabled us to make it happen.”

Celebrating healthy in Brooklyn Center (PDF)
Cupcakes and sugary treats make up a lot of birthday celebrations throughout the year, but in the Brooklyn Center school district these celebrations are not only healthy and delicious, but also loved by both parents and students.

Staying Healthy and Making Money (PDF)
When Linda Bockovich was hired as the Head Cook for the Grand Marais Schools in 2009, the school Food Service had suffered loss of $13,000 the previous school year.

Growing healthy and strong Byron Bears (PDF)
At Byron Elementary School in Olmsted County, healthy eating and a sense of community are rising with the school's healthy snack carts.

Their Carrots! (PDF)
Connecting local growers to students in schools to provide fresh, healthy food was a dream for Marleen Webb, Director of the Bemidji Schools Food Service.

Grab-N-Go Breakfast creatively meeting the needs of busy teens (PDF)
Running late and skipping breakfast is a common reality among teenagers, but Fergus Falls Schools is working creatively to fix that.

Snack happy in Alexandria (PDF)
Pears, peppers, and pineapple are climbing up the list of favorites at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Alexandria.

Edina school-based agriculture project connects core educational concepts and lifelong skills (PDF)
In 2010, Edina’s Highlands Elementary started a school-based agriculture project, with the help of SHIP. Committed to providing students outdoor learning environments, the schoolyard garden provided.

Tickling taste buds for Robbinsdale kids (PDF)
As many as 14,000 K–12 students and staff in all 14 Robbinsdale Area Schools now have access to what have been deemed “SHIP Salads.”

Achieving nutritional strides at Martin County West Schools (PDF)
“It’s amazing. Students are learning about different types of fruits and veggies – foods that some students have never seen, tasted or tried before.”

'Hey, I know… that’s a broccoli!' (PDF)
Through the assistance of SHIP, in the spring of 2012 nearly 400 children learned not only what broccoli is but were also introduced to new fruits and veggies.

Local Produce Double-liciously Nutritious! (PDF)
With the help of Farm to School, students at Dawson-Boyd not only met the new dietary guidelines, they dramatically increased their fruit and veggies.

'I want to try a new vegetable three times a week!' (PDF)
...exclaimed one of the youngsters attending the Familias Saludables Divirtiendose (Healthy Families Having Fun) class series.


Health In My Hometown

How communities influence our health and the health of our youth is the subject of the Health In My Hometown photovoice project. Thirteen communities gave cameras to youth to document what helps them be healthy and what was holds them back regarding healthy eating, active living, and staying tobacco free.

Thirteen communities participated: Blue Earth, Cottonwood-Jackson-Redwood-Renville, Dakota, Goodhue, Grand Portage Tribal, Mille Lacs Band Of Ojibwe, Minneapolis, North Country, Olmsted, Ramsey Red Lake, Rice and Todd.

Two videos and a photo book are available online at Health In My Hometown:

A fresh take on learning in Dover-Eyota Public Schools (PDF)
“There isn’t any time we turn the switch off, and our food and nutrition service isn’t just about getting kids fed. It’s about teaching them to eat nutritionally.”

Bold and sustainable changes for nutrition at Dakota County schools (PDF)
“He said to me while he was here: ‘I’m trying to eat a lot of fruits to stay healthy. My favorite fruits are pears, strawberries, oranges and apples.”

Students tried rutabaga and kohlrabi and liked them! (PDF)
Staples-Motley High School is taking a fresh spin on Farm-to-School. Starting in 2010, with the support of SHIP, students in agriculture classes are planting and harvesting vegetables.

'The kids are loving it' in Brainerd (PDF)
When the cooks at Brainerd High School and Forestview Middle School requested 80 pounds of vegetables in September 2011 to serve on the salad bar, local farmers met the challenge.

Putting a dream into action at Waseca Junior High (PDF)
It all started ten years ago with a salad bar and a foodservice director with a dream. The dream was to start a school garden at Waseca Junior High.

Sibley East creates “a link between the rural community and kids”
The situation in Sibley East Schools was no different than many schools across the country. Kids weren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables and had little knowledge of food production.

Breckenridge High School thinks sustainability (PDF)
At Breckenridge High School, located just west of Fergus Falls, Student Council members got their hands dirty in May 2011 in a good way. They planted 33 trees to make a fruit orchard on school grounds.

Engaging students through agriculture at Golden Hill in Rochester (PDF)
Seed money from SHIP is “Growing Graduates” at Golden Hill Alternative Learning Center’s garden in Rochester.

“I never knew there were so many different kinds of apples,” said Winfair Elementary student (PDF)
Kids at Winfair Elementary in Windom, Minnesota, are embracing Farm to School. Starting in the 2010-11 school year, 266 Kindergarten through third-grade students enjoyed locally grown produce.

Alternative school students winners with porcupine sliders (PDF)
“It started with a seed,” says a South Education Center Alternative teacher. With the support of SHIP, one year earlier she and her students started a school garden at the alternative high school in Richfield. Students planted seeds near sunny windows as a symbol of opportunity.

More access to healthy food in the community

Business is booming in Baudette (PDF)
If anyone believes that farmers markets can’t make a difference for a community, they can go ask Lynda Annoreno, Baudette’s Fresh Start farmers market manager, what she has to say about that.

Bringing healthy food to those who need it the most (PDF)
Learn how North County Health Alliance helped the Bemidji Community Food Shelf supplement a need for more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthier options in Bloomington, Edina and Richfield (PDF)
Bloomington and Edina aquatic centers, Richfield pool and the Dwan Golf Course can all attest that providing healthier food options and maintaining financial stability can be possible in this sugary, salty driven world.

New stamp of approval at St. Paul farmers markets: EBT (PDF)
“We want to cover everybody – the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) program too important to only do halfway,” commented Jack Gerten, Market Manager of St. Paul’s farmers markets.

Farmers bring more fruits and veggies to Bloomington and Richfield (PDF)
Three farmers markets in Bloomington and Richfield have brewed a community concoction for success: food + people + education.

Detroit Lakes Lakeshirts company builds healthier workplace (PDF)
For the past few years, Mike Hutchinson and Mark Fritz, owners of Lakeshirts Manufacturer in Detroit Lakes, have been thinking about making a greater commitment towards employee health.

Marketing healthy habits (PDF)
The Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support (MDHFS) and its partners expanded the availability of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) services to the Minneapolis and Northeast Farmers Markets to help provide better access healthy, local foods.

Fresh approach in Anoka (PDF)
Farmers, employers and public health staff strive to create stronger connections between those who grow vegetables and fruits and the people who would like to eat the crops.

Bringing more fruits and vegetables to Grand Portage (PDF)
With the help of SHIP, Grand Portage Reservation has been able to make real, sustainable improvements in access to healthy foods through the development of a community-based agriculture project.

Increasing physical activity

Mission Complete! (PDF)
Committed cities for more walkable and bicycle-friendly street project: that is what the cities of Fergus Falls and Frazee wanted to be when they adopted their “Complete Streets” policies.

Safe, Fun, Active Play: Every Kid, Every Day! (PDF)
Active Recess means more play and more fun for 5,600 students at 11 Minneapolis schools. Teachers at participating elementary schools are seeing the difference that active play can have on in-classroom behavior and conflict resolution skills.

Pipestone gets active (PDF)
How can a community increase biking and walking, and along the way make their towns safer and more enjoyable? One effective way is through a “Complete Streets” policy.

Gruven’ to better health (PDF)
The Prescription to Wellness: Gruve Activity Program, funded largely by SHIP, helped 49 patients increase their health through daily movement.

Wider shoulders means safer biking for Wells (PDF)
Sandy Lorenz lives on a farm near Wells, Minnesota. She also likes to walk and bike. “The cars fly by me on Highway 22 so close I can feel the wind as they pass.” With the standard gravel shoulders, there are few options for Sandy and her family if they want to get out on their bikes.

Safe Routes + Walking Tuesdays = Healthy Kids (PDF)
With the help of SHIP, Fairmont’s Safe Routes to School program has become a staple of Fairmont students’ school day.

The school bus that runs on sneakers and snow boots in Minneapolis (PDF)
...“Even a small group of committed parents can make a big difference in organizing a program like this.”

Walking is the new way to roll at Rochester's Elton Hills Elementary (PDF)
Three years ago, a group of parents considered the situation and decided to set the wheels in motion for a new way of getting to school that didn’t involve wheels at all.

Healthy living trail in Waite Park (PDF)
Waite Park residents now have the opportunity for more physical activity and healthy living, and at the same time learn about cancer prevention.

Walking School Bus a big plus to father and daughter (PDF)
In Mankato, about 320 students at the newly built Rosa Parks Elementary, were excited to see their new school, classrooms and meet their teachers.

Physical activity is the best policy in McLeod County (PDF)
With support from SHIP, preschools and day cares throughout McLeod County are not only making physical activity a permanent part of their daily routine, they are making it a company policy. Child care providers are looking at their current policies, space and physical activity practices.

Physical activity equals healthy and happy kids (PDF)
Schools in Cass County are already seeing results of their efforts to increase physical activity among their students. With the help of SHIP, four of the five schools in Cass County created programs to improve students’ physical activity, reaching up to 2,000 students.

SHIP plays key role in McCarthy's momentum
Joe McCarthy started a movement to get his kids to move more at Meadowview Elementary in Farmington. With support from SHIP, he's incorporated Active Schools Minnesota into his classroom and it's paid off with improved test scores.

Reducing commercial tobacco exposure

The Town that Went Smoke-Free (PDF)
Can an entire town go smoke-free? On Jan. 1, 2013, a town-like housing development did exactly that, clearing the air for approximately 4,440 individuals. Riverside Plaza is now the largest housing complex in Minnesota to provide a smoke-free environment.

Bringing in the New Year Smoke Free (PDF)
Eliminating tobacco use and secondhand smoke was a clear choice for one apartment building in Park Rapids.

Clearing the clouds: St. Cloud State goes tobacco-free (PDF)
St. Cloud State University had to work hard and fast to finish their goal of becoming a tobacco-free campus within two years.

Rochester: It Takes a Village to be Healthy (PDF)
Thanks in part to grant funding from SHIP, the Villages at Essex Park went smoke-free.

Businesses help employees get and stay tobacco free (PDF)
Transforming work places to become tobacco-free in Olmsted County calls for a big picture approach. “We’re trying to create an environment where it’s easier for people to quit smoking.”

3,850 residents now free of second-hand smoke in their Dakota County homes (PDF)
Addressing the problem of second-hand smoke is an important part of Dakota County’s SHIP efforts. Before SHIP, little outreach was done to Dakota County multi-unit housing properties to encourage or support adoption of smoke-free policies. 

Tobacco to be respected, not abused, at Leech Lake (PDF)
Given the high rate of tobacco use among American Indians, making improvements in how clinics work with their patients who smoke could have a profound effect on the health and wellbeing of generations of Tribal people.

“I don’t smoke because my life depends on it,” says Mankato State student (PDF)
Starting in 2012 Minnesota State University-Mankato has gone smoke free. “I feel that everyone has a right to walk around in a smoke-free environment."

Burnsville employer supports employees quitting smoking (PDF)
Rigid Hitch, a Burnsville manufacturer, connected with SHIP when Betsy Kauffman, human resources manager, completed a Dakota County survey about potential ways to improve employee wellness and health.

Improving health for the whole person

Understanding the Strong Connection (PDF)
Shawn Krause-Roberts understands the connection between the physical therapy and clients’ personal health. Krause-Roberts, owner and president of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. in Breckenridge, Minnesota, partnered with PartnerSHIP 4 Health.

Advancing Wellness at ATS (PDF)
“ATS recognizes the importance of having employees feel their best, so they are healthy and productive in both their professional and personal lives,” explained Peter Kuechle, President of Advanced Telemetry Systems.

Downs Food Group No Chicken When it Comes to Wellness (PDF)
As Chera Sevcik, SHIP Supervisor exclaims, “employees LOVE the changes!” Sevcik is referring to the changes that were made in the Downs Food Group’s work environment.

When Wellness ‘Trumps’ Temptation (PDF)
In a workplace surrounded by the temptation of chips, chocolate and candy, wellness may be a big bite to swallow. That is why KLN Enterprises in Perham joined forces with PartnerSHIP4Health.

The Business Case for Breastfeeding (PDF)
Ask Jennifer Klabunde, Director of Human Resources at Ecumen Detroit Lakes Senior Housing, when the idea for a lactation room entered her mind.

Anoka public health nurses help create healthier beginnings (PDF)
With the support of SHIP funding, Anoka County Community and Health Environmental Services Department (CHES) is working hard to support mothers and their new bundles of joy.

Raising strong babies with breastfeeding guidance for new moms (PDF)
Through the support of SHIP, public health nurses across Minnesota received advanced breastfeeding training, ultimately helping new mothers and their infants.

Nine counties work together to get kids off to a healthy start (PDF)
One area where health care clinics can help make huge strides toward health improvement is with new families. Breastfeeding is important for the health of the baby, leading to a lower risk for many health problems.

Trimming Costs and Waistlines at Watonwan County (PDF)
Watonwan County office had a big problem. With a 33 percent increase in health costs, the Watonwan County office needed to trim its costs.

Tapping local experts in Litchfield (PDF)
Tapping local expertise and working together as a community is what SHIP is all about. In the Litchfield area, Minnesota Rubber & Plastics launched wellness programs at its Litchfield plant about six years before SHIP came on the scene.

Cutting the Cake in the Upper Sioux Community (PDF)
Creating healthy policies in worksites is one strategy that SHIP successfully aims to do and in the Upper Sioux Community, healthy has never taken on so much meaning.

Achieving Wellness in the Work Place (PDF)
These days, over 8,000 employees across Rice County are on the move, making better food choices and reducing tobacco use. The secret behind their health kick? Rice County’s SHIP worksite project.

“I created little health monsters…!” (PDF)
So long cookie monster, hello cute health monsters. Becky Hagestuen, owner and primary care provider for Seeds to Grow Licensed Day Care in Andover, is conscientious about development of strong foundations for those in her care.

More physical activity and better nutrition for Minneapolis preschoolers (PDF)
Thanks to SHIP, more than 6,600 Minneapolis toddlers now experience healthier food and more physical activity at their child care program.

Wellness: Customized to fit (PDF)
Custom Alarm added workplace wellness options to ensure its employees were getting more physical activity and had access to healthier food at work.

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