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The Statewide Health Improvement Program uses science-based strategies that are both effective and long-term.

We know that what works in Minneapolis may not work in Rock County or on the Leech Lake Reservation. Local communities choose SHIP strategies that are best for them. The result? Real, community-led improvements in healthy eating, physical activity, and reducing commercial tobacco use.

SHIP partners with schools

Community strategies

Working with employers

  • Comprehensive workplace wellness employs voluntary policies to improve nutrition, increase physical activity and promote smoking cessation among Minnesota workers, improving employee health while reducing absenteeism and the health care costs incurred by employers.
    CDC video: Healthy Snacking in Philadelphia

Partnering with healthcare providers

  • SHIP helps healthcare providers integrate overweight/obesity and commercial tobacco use prevention and reduction into their practice through assessment and referral. Supporting breastfeeding is also critical to ensure the youngest among us grow up strong and healthy.

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