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About Safe Routes
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  • There are many benefits to Safe Routes to School:

    Families are more active
    Safe Routes to School programs help families get more physical activity. Programs have been shown to increase walking and bicycling which helps kids and their parents stay more active. Children are recommended to get 60 minutes of physical activity a day and adults at least 30. A 15-minute trip one-way helps children to meet that goal.

    Kids arrive ready to learn
    Research has shown that Safe Routes to School helps kids arrive to school focused and ready to learn. Getting activity through walking and biking helps reduce behavior problems and helps kids settle in for learning during the school day.

    Communities become more connected and safer for all
    Because schools are often located at the center of communities, safety improvements benefit people of all ages. Seniors particularly benefit from improvements that slow traffic and make streets safer, and can also benefit by volunteering to support educational and promotional activities.

    “I like it because I get fresh air.”
    “I like it because I get a lot of good exercise in my body.”
    —Students, Red Pine Elementary,
    Eagan, Minnesota.

    “It’s good for us as a family; that we get to do something fun together before school and after school.”
    —Parent, Red Pine Elementary,
    Eagan, Minnesota

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