Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School

Helping kids and communities

Safe Routes to School helps make it safe, convenient and fun for children to bicycle and walk to school. When routes are safe, walking or biking to and from school is an easy way to get the regular physical activity children need for good health and do better in school.

In Minnesota, 9 percent of schools have a Safe Routes to School plan completed to encourage more students to walk and bike, while also making it safer and easier to do so. Minnesota is ranked third in the nation for comprehensive Safe Routes to School efforts.

Safe Routes to School = More active kids

Safe Routes to School is one of the Active Schools Minnesota strategies, which is designed to get kids moving more at school. National guidelines recommend that students get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Students who switch from passive to active modes of transportation to school get an additional 48 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week. This is 16 percent of the recommended amount of physical activity for children each school week.

Additional benefits

  • Contributes to students’ readiness to learn in school
  • Ease traffic jams and air pollution around schools
  • Unites neighborhoods
  • Contributes to community health and safety
  • Helps create vibrant, livable communities

Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) grantees support schools and communities to create plans that are leveraged for Minnesota Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School infrastructure funding for implementation. At the state and local level, public health and transportation professionals work hand-in-hand to address access to destinations and make it easier switch some trips to walking or biking to improve health. In 2017, there were 366 SHIP schools and districts working on Safe Routes to School, reaching 161,000 students.

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